Sep 22

Top 9 global risks to keep executives on their toes in 2022/2023 – What can we do?

The world is moving towards endemic in dealing with COVID-19 and almost back to pre-COVID activities with some exceptional country and location, but the question is are we really living...
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Aug 22

Implementing An Effective BCMS With Your Insurance Profile – Why Should You Maximize It?

Amid natural disasters and crises, businesses across the globe have taken a hit. Infinite number of situations threaten jeopardize business operations with far-reaching consequences. To mitigate risks, Business Continuity Management...
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Jul 22

Should Emergency Response Plans be integrated to Business Continuity Management System? What benefits it brings when building healthcare sector resilience? 

With the healthcare sector’s emphasis on health and well-being, Emergency Response Plans (ERP) and Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS) are major plans organisations must prepare to mitigate and overcome the...
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Jun 22

Developing an emergency response plan and based on your risk profile: Why they are important when building resilience in the healthcare sector?

In today’s increasingly complex climate, emergency response plans (ERP) and business continuity management systems (BCM) are major plans organizations prepare to mitigate and overcome the ever-changing threats and crises. While...
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May 22

Digitalization Transformation and Business Resilience

The global pandemic has sped up the digitalization journey of many companies and has emerged as a key catalyst empowering the switch to digitalization, according to a survey conducted by...
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