Feb 21

Towards 2021 – Upcoming Organisation Risk & Resiliency Trends

From early 2020, businesses around the world collectively experienced the impacts of COVID-19 where there were business disruptions and even stoppages imposed by government regulations in a bid to contain...
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Nov 20

2020 COVID-19’s Effects on Business Survey Report

From April to July 2020, BCP Asia conducted a second APAC-regional survey to understand organisations' readiness and preparedness with respect to the COVID-19 situation.We have compiled the results and published the...
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May 20

Post COVID-19: Returning to Business as Usual – What is the New Normal?

Most countries across the globe have been in Lockdown mode since March (or earlier) with varying degrees of lockdown measures such as the Circuit Breaker in Singapore, the Movement Control...
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Apr 20

The 2020 Pandemic Response Readiness Survey Report

Introduction The SARS outbreak in 2003 was a trying time for businesses that were not prepared, but it has taught us a valuable lesson. Since then, we, as a community,...
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Aug 19

5 Ways to overcome challenges in Resilience & Continuity of Operations in Healthcare Services

Healthcare deals with people on an extremely intimate level. While financial sectors might deal with the personal aspects of money, healthcare is closely associated with some of the most intimate...
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