What We Offer

Consulting Services

BCP Asia provide consulting services to assist organisations to plan, develop and implement their Business Continuity, Enterprise Risk or Crisis Management program.

We use a systematic approach while adopt flexibility in fitting into each organisation’s context and engage the key stakeholders, encouraging their support and buy-in.

During consulting, our consultants will drive the program and provide the guidance and trainings to our clients’ team to ensure knowledge transfer so that they can take over in managing and maintaining the program after it has been established. We encourage our clients to take ownership of the program as after all if the plan gets activated during a crisis situation, they need to take charge and know their action plans and roles.

The framework adopted are mainly ISO31000, ISO22301, COSO and other related industry standards.

Many of our clients achieved ISO certifications.

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Coaching service are mainly for clients who prefer to drive the program on their own. BCP Asia consultants will only provide guidance at specific points as required.

This service is ideal for clients who already have a program in place and just need some guidance in managing and maintaining the plans. Coaching is usually combine with training services for maximum effectiveness.

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Internal Audit

To help organizations keep pace with the BCM regulations and maintain a balance check on the viability of the BCM plans, BCP Asia performs gap analysis that systematically identifies and rectifies weaknesses in their BCM plans.

Internal audits also simulate the certification audit process and prepares the organisation and team for the certification.

Currently internal audit is only available for Business Continuity (ISO22301). Gap Analysis is available for both Business Continuity and Enterprise Risk Management (ISO31000).

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After the management system has been established, it is crucial to create a regular regime to update and maintain the program and keeping it live!

BCP Asia provides the support to clients in planning their BCM or ERM roadmap and key activities.

Clients may run their own activities or engage BCP Asia consultants to maintain and validate the viability of the plans in ad hoc or regular basis. We are able to run specific phase of the program such as Test & Exercise, Impact study, Establish of the key objectives etc.

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