Our Core Values

We believe in

Setting a Culture of Excellence for a State of Well-Preparedness

Culture of Excellence

We aim to provide Consulting & Training Services of the highest value and quality. To do so, we will continuously work towards self improvement through gaining knowledge and maintaining professionalism. We encourage life-long learning in order to constantly upgrade and expand our expertise and experiences. We aim to be the Best and to go the extra mile.

Client-Centric Partnership

We cultivate a Client-Centric Partnership with our clients in order to achieve greater results and impact towards attaining the same goal of Organisational Resilience and Business Continuity maturity, building the Business Continuity Culture in their organisation. 

Our client’s SUCCESS is akin to our own SUCCESS. 


We are committed to our projects with a sense of duty and assurance to our clients. Often seen as the Reliable and Dependable business partner, we are consistent in our deliverables and responsiveness. 

We are THE go-to Business Continuity Partner.


We work together as a unit across teams and departments in order to provide high-quality deliverables. 

A close-knit unit, BCP Asia practises good communication and interaction across departments and the commitment from all members. 


We are Forward-Thinking Leaders, providing valuable insight to our clients. Through training programmes, we are able to develop talents within the organisational resilience industry and achieve knowledge transfer.