About the Industry

Manufacturing sector is a neglected industry over the years. Recently there have been increased awareness of implementing BCM and ERM in this industry.

In any manufacturing plant, facilities, machinery, infrastructure and supplies are the most crucial resources, other than industry engineers, technicians and skilled workers manning the systems. Apart from physical infrastructure, manufacturers also dependent heavily on supply chain continuity. Just-in-time (JIT) model just make their recovery resources and time frame more challenging. Raw materials must arrive on time to ensure that production can continue, finished products must be able to reach customer on time to avoid any product disruption and penalty charges.

BCP Asia's Experience

Some of BCP Asia’s consultants started their career in the Manufacturing industry. As an “insider” they know how production works, critical resources flow and tight quality control in manufacturing plant and how it operates, locally, regionally or globally. Through the years, though there are changes to the industry, the core of the services such as supply chain management, warehousing etc still remain.

BCP Asia only started development of ITDR, ERM and BCM program for manufacturing plants in 2010. We have run projects for more than 30 manufacturing plants in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, China and Indonesia. To keep cost low, manufacturing plants are now moved to developing countries where resources and infrastructure may be inadequate and can be very challenging. Manufacturing plants can be impacted by many external risk factors such as weather and natural disasters that caused supply chain disruption, suppliers default etc. When facing such situation, what can be planned to minimise the impact of such disruption?

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