Telecommunications & ICT

About the Industry

In today’s increasingly globalised and interconnected world, the telecommunication industry is what connects us to people from all locations.

Unlike other industries, the Telecommunication and Infocomm industry can be considered one of the most critical infrastructure. Any disruption in telecommunication will have resulted in loss in connectivity, network and communication – during peace time or disaster situation. That could translate to losses for businesses or individuals in financial and non-financial terms or even loss in lives. Other challenges telecommunication industry faced includes the demands of technological changes, regulatory changes and of course fierce competition. Is your business ready to tackle any unexpected situations that may pop up in today’s highly unpredictable world?

BCP Asia's Experience

Our experience with the Telecommunication industry started back in 2006 when we conducted gap analysis for a telecommunication organisation. Since then we have run projects for over 20 telecommunications organisations in Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Telecommunication organisations usually have a complex structure, depending on the products and services they provide. In terms of infrastructure and network, it is not always to duplicate the same network as it is not economy and physically viable to do so. So what are other areas that can be strengthen and enhance to make the entire structure less vulnerable? What happens if a telecommunication organisation, experiencing a network disruption, needs to activate its resources via call tree?

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