2020 COVID-19’s Effects on Business Survey Report

From April to July 2020, BCP Asia conducted a second APAC-regional survey to understand organisations’ readiness and preparedness with respect to the COVID-19 situation.
We have compiled the results and published the report.


The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) has a wide-reaching effect on many industry sectors including manufacturing, tourism, food & beverage, professional services, retail, transportation services, entertainment & recreation, and many more. Many government-mandated measures have resulted in the halt of business activities, the restriction of access to the business premises and affected many other aspects of the business operations. As a result, many businesses have been badly affected and we have seen organisations large and small having to take drastic measures to ensure the survival of the business. The effect of COVID-19 will have a long-standing significant effect on the economy, and businesses, with some not being able to recover at all.

The key purpose of this Survey on COVID-19’s Effects to Businesses is to understand more on the businesses’ concerns about the current COVID-19 situation and how their organisation is managing it. This survey covers countries across Asia Pacific to better understand the situation in APAC. Through this report, we hope that this can provide a benchmark on how your own organisation is faring as compared to other organisations within the region.

The data gathered in this report are through online surveys conducted between April 2020 to July 2020. A total of 129 respondents took part in this survey with participants representing countries from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and other locations in Asia.

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