Organizational Resilience in Companies within APAC Survey Report

The data gathered in this report are through online surveys conducted between July 2021 to October 2021. A total of 100 respondents took part in this survey with participants representing countries from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, and other locations in Asia. Section A will discuss on the demographics of the respondents and Section B will discuss and analyze on the results for each question of the survey.


Organizational Resilience can be defined as a business’s ability to adapt and evolve as the global market is evolving, to respond to short term shocks – be they natural disasters or significant changes in market dynamics and to shape itself to respond to long term challenges. Organizations must be resilient in order to sustain impact through good times and bad. A resilient organization is not just one that will ‘bounce back’ after a crisis. It is one that can continue to operate with high effectiveness even when faced with a crisis. This survey was intended to gauge the respondents’ views of these conditions within their organization and set a benchmark against other organizations within the region. Organizational Resilience is a relatively new concept within Asia compared with the Western world and this survey sets out to understand how much of Organizational Resilience has been adopted by businesses in the Asian region.

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