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PMAS Webinar | 27 May 2022

Business Continuity Planning in a Post-Pandemic Context

Speaker 1: Mr. Henry Ee, Managing Director, BCP Asia

Topic: Reconsider Risk in a Post-Pandemic World – The Changes and Challenges


-In this topic, it will focus into the governance and role of Risk Manager (RM). Organization will require to elevate the RM’s role and devote more attention to the board and senior management team’s risk governance.
-Creating a better resilient business: many organizations did not have a proper approach to communicating about critical decisions or changes.
-Identify dependencies among business units including BCP and communication strategies.
-Identify potential impacts to critical operations (including from 3rd parties, partners, and customers)
-Improving cyber risk management: pandemic created opportunity for cybercriminals. Barely a month into lockdown, FBI reported a 400% increase in cyberattacks compared with pre-COVID period.
-Large organizations should perform cyber risk assessments annually and small to mid-sized organizations should perform once at least 2-3 years.

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