About the Industry

Logistics sector encompass land transportation, freight forwarding, warehousing and shipping.

The landscape of logistics sector has been changing in the past decade. The popularity of outsourcing to third party logistics that specialised in integrated operation, warehousing, transportation and shipping services enable businesses to focus on their core operation and created the flexibility of providing on-demand supplies. Supply chain management is becoming increasingly challenging, business are required to keep pace of technology changes; changes in business and consumer buying pattern and compliance to different locations policies and regulations.

BCP Asia's Experience

Some of BCP Asia’s consultants started their career in the Logistics industry – Multinationals. As an “insider” they know how freight forwarding works, critical resources coordination and ensuring goods get delivered within the schedule.

BCP Asia started development of the program for more than 20 companies in logistics industry, including warehouse, transportation, freight forwarding, shipping and terminal/port management, located in Singapore and Thailand. Logistics industry is always faced with time-pressure to deliver on-time and maintain their reliability. With many daily operation glitch happening, how do the staff on the ground determine which are serious that should be escalated to management for decision making and which should be handled instantly?

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